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November 5, 2020
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The Best Uses For Color LED Lights

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Colored LED lights have many uses from professional to recreational. Green, red, blue, and ultraviolet lights have all found their way into the realm of LED flashlights. The uses are varied and each color has particular uses that they are best suited for. All of the colored lights are great for night vision applications because they do not bleach out the chemicals that allow for the human eye to see at night.

The red LED bulb has been added to flashlights to enhance night vision. It provides great contrast and is not visible to the human eye over long distances. It also works well with night vision scopes and goggles. Photographers use the red colored light when doing night-time photography because it provides contrast while preserving the natural shadows developed by darkness. It cuts through smoke better than white light and, with the exception of red lines and marks on maps and charts, it makes reading in low, or no, light possible. Police and military units like the red LED for night operations because it will not interfere with night vision technology and can't easily be picked up by other people.

The green LED light is preferred by hunters and fishermen because it is a very soft light that will not spook their prey. Green also does not attract insects like white or yellow light does. It is not easily picked up, unless looking directly at it, so it is useful in covert operations. It is another color that is useful in smoke filled environments.

The blue LED hand-held light is good for map or chart reading in situations where night vision, and avoiding detection, are important. Blue light is also helpful in locating blood and other bodily fluids at crime scenes or during search and rescue operations. Hunters also find the blue light helpful in following blood trails of injured animals. Blue lights are often used in small keychain lights because they are a soft light that works well to illuminate locks, keys, and small items. It does not have the same harsh glare as the bright, white LED. These lights are also good for cutting through fog.

Ultraviolet LED lights have found many uses in the professional world. They are used to detect counterfeit money, art, and antiques. They are also used to detect trace blood proteins and chemicals in soils from crime scenes. Just like blue light, this one will pick out blood and other bodily fluids that might be missed by the naked eye. Ultraviolet light acts like a black light in entertainment uses. It can bring out hidden messages and enhances neon and fluorescent colors. Ultraviolet lights can be used to recharge luminescent objects like fishing lures, watch faces, compass needles, SAR signals, etc. It is important not to shine ultraviolet LED lights directly into the eyes, as it can cause injury.

Whether looking to preserve night vision for hunting applications or to cut through smoke in a burning building colored LED lights are great for many applications. Their multitude of uses make them a must have for everyone. Flashlights are offered in single color lighting or with multiple bulbs for a choice of lighting options. This means that the right light is always available when it is needed. So, whether looking for a single light color for a specific application or multiple choices for whatever comes up, colored LED flashlights are a great choice.

~ Ben Anton, 2008


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