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October 25, 2020
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RV Vacation Safety Tools

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A family trip in an RV or 'recreational vehicle' can be great fun, but one of the means that you can use to make sure that it goes well, is to plan for as many eventualities as you can. This involves taking a few safety items or safety tools that are useful for an RV trip.

If you are travelling far from the beaten track, then adequate supplies of food and water are the prime concerns obviously. You will also need enough appropriate clothing for the time of the year and the place you are travelling in.

However, bear in mind, that some regions are chilly at night no matter what time of the year it is, so a few jumpers or light jackets will come in useful if you are driving in the mountains, in the north (in the northern hemisphere) or along the coast.

Once you have the prerequisites to survive, there are a few luxury safety devices, that you might find practical. The first of these is the mobile phone. There may or might not be sufficient coverage where you are going, but the chances are that it will work somewhere near, if you need to use it. Be certain that you have a charger that works in the RV and a hands free kit if possible.

The luxury of all luxuries is a GPS unit - Global Positioning System - so that you do not become too lost, if you are out in the wilderness or even in some huge, unknown metropolis looking for the hotel you booked into over the Internet for a couple days break from the road.

If you are renting your RV, there is probably a GPS system on board, but if you are taking your own vehicle, you might consider purchasing a mobile phone that also has GPS built into it. These hand held units are plenty accurate to get you back on track.

However, they are electrical devices and as such can break down at any moment, particularly when you particularly need them, so make certain that you have a modern road map as well.

Whilst you are on vacation, the weather is quite important - in fact it can make or break a holiday, so why not take a portable weather radio with you? A weather radio is exactly what it implies. It is a radio that specializes in picking up weather transmissions - especially local ones.

This is very handy indeed, especially if where you are heading is not experiencing the sort of weather you are searching for. It permits you to modify your destination without having to get there first. These useful devices frequently come with other tools built in like a flashlight and a timer (alarm clock).

Make sure that your RV has an acceptable set of vehicle repair tools including gloves and safety goggles. Gloves are useful for keeping your hands clean if you have a repair to make and safety goggles come in very handy if you have to change a wheel in a dust, rain or snow storm.

The last thing on our list, but not the least important, is a good First Aid Kit. When selecting a First Aid kit, bigger is definitely better than small.


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