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August 8, 2020
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Do You Realize How Many Accessories You Can Buy For Your Camper?

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Recreational vehicles have been gaining popularity in recent years. As more families are making an effort to spend more quality time with each other, camping is an excellent way to do that. There are many different options available on campers. You can travel with many of the comforts of home. It is helpful to know the parts on your camper. The more familiar you are with your camper the more comfortable you will feel in it.

There are four main areas of your camper to explore. They are the parts on the outside, the parts used in maintaining your camper, the parts needed for driving, and the parts located on the inside of your camper.

Camper/RV Parts: Outside

Awnings and screens for windows, patio and door. These help to shade your vehicle provide airflow and keep bugs out.
Other transportation means, bikes, carriers, and scooters.
Water storage and waste collection tanks, these are manual fill and empty on most campers.

Campers/RV parts: Outdoor Cooking

Charcoal, wood, and gas needed for campfires.
Barbeque stand, and grill racks to cook food in the fire.
Chairs, tables and tablecloth.
Pans, paper plates, silverware and cups to eat with, some people go with paper ware to burn and others with reusable plastic.

Camper/RV Parts: Gear

Backpacks, tents, binoculars, compass, and maps of the terrain.
Lanterns, coolers, toiletries, and sleeping bags.
Bug repellant and first aid supplies.

Camper/RV Parts: Maintenance

Electrical wires, batteries, extension cords, converters and chargers.
Sanitation purposes such as replacement parts, and tank emptying supplies.
Freshwater system such as replacement parts, filters, converters, and pumps.
Extra fluids for engine such as oil, and gas.
Heaters and parts.
Jacks, leveling supplies, stabilizing jacks, and tie downs.

Camper/RV Parts: Comfort

Sleeping bags, pillows, extra blankets, and an air mattress.
Toiletries, dish soap, and large bucket or container to use as a wash bin.
Lighting supplies such as lanterns, flashlights, and candles. Don't forget extra batteries and lighting fuel!
First aid supplies in case of injury.
A few towels for swimming and showering. Wash clothes for dishes and hands.

Camper/RV Parts: Things You Don't Need!

Appliances are a luxury when you are camping, not a necessity. You may want to bring a radio for weather updates.
Computer and accessories.
Cell phones are nice to have but most likely it will not have a signal.

Camping can be a great adventure. If you try to only bring the things you need, you will have less interruptions and more time enjoy the outdoors! Always let someone know where you will be camping in case of emergency. Stay safe and enjoy your Camper/RV!


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