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July 11, 2020
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Diesel Pushers vs. Gasoline Engines

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Anyone who is familiar with motorhomes is very likely already aware that there are two main styles, either diesel or gasoline. While there are certainly other variations, this is the main differentiator between the types of vehicles. Choosing gas or diesel is the first step in the process of deciding what type of motorhome you want.

1. If your motorhome is longer than 35 feet, you should certainly consider a diesel pusher. With a weight and length of such high amounts, you are going to require a much stronger engine to push all of this mass. If you are considering spending a lot of time in hilly areas or in the mountains, you will also require more power in order to push you up the side of the mountain and get you to where you are going. With diesel engines, you can be certain that the power is there to get you up hills and to pull tremendous weight.

2. Diesel engines start and run much smoother in the modern day than they used to. Modern-day diesel technology allows vehicles to start very quietly and produce tremendous amount of power more efficiently. As technology has improved, so has the experience of utilizing the diesel motor, as many of the issues with diesel motors have been put to rest over the years.

3. Diesel pusher motors are more costly than gasoline engines. The concept of paying more for your engine and paying more for your fuel doesn't seem to make sense to many individuals. But from the other perspective, the diesel engine is far more fuel efficient than gasoline and will last much longer. While there are some issues with colder temperatures causing the fuel to gel and ice up, there are additives that you can mix to your fuel to eliminate these difficulties.

4. Gasoline engines tend to be easier and cheaper to repair than diesel. Naturally, any time you take your diesel into the shop for repairs, you will find that it will be more expensive than the gasoline alternative might be. In most cases, you will find that not all are the mechanics are certified and knowledgeable about the diesel engines as well as they are gasoline. Despite all these negative issues, diesel engines can provide 500,000 miles and more and are considerably more durable than gasoline engines and have greatly improved with modern technology.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to the wants and needs of the consumer as well as their ability to handle the trade-offs involved with either style of engine.

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