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June 25, 2020
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Choosing Solar Panel Kits For RV Applications

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Before motels, many families took advantage of RV travel. Parking spots for Airstreams and Teardrop travel trailers, usually towed by passenger cars loaded with the family heading out for a vacation, stopped in trailer parks at night to set up camp. Located along a newly developing system of paved highways, trailer courts were mainly in tourist areas close to lakes, historic sites, beaches and national parks, where a family with an automobile and a travel trailer could enjoy the great outdoors. Early power systems on what would become the recreational vehicle, or RV as they are referred to now, was almost nonexistent and crude at best.

The solar technology community in the last fifty years has been able to develop cell systems that have become thinner and lighter. This allowed for the utilization of solar power. As time has moved forward, the RV industry has kept up with conveniences the traveling public wants, and it all runs off the sun! Solar panel kits for RV applications use storage batteries to provide current for lighting and small appliances when running the generator isn't really needed. Solar kits are now being produced that are easy to install and are operational as soon as they see the sun. Dealers and suppliers of RVs across the country are much more resourceful and are providing solar panel kits for RV and boat applications to their inventories.

Thinner and smaller light weight solar panel kits for RV use provide twice the voltage and wattage of cells developed fifteen years ago. With the new thin cell systems, roofs and walls that are sitting idle can be turned into electricity collecting panels. Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries can store much larger volumes of current relative to their size and can be cycled thousands of times. This capability makes use of solar panel kits for RVs a very practical and green idea, especially if you're retired and saving money means a lot. Pulling into an RV park and hooking up the power cable adds cost to the space rental. By using the power you collected on your trip you can save money since solar energy is free.

If you are driving a class 'A' RV, solar kits on a twenty eight foot roof provide enough voltage and wattage to operate most of the twelve and twenty four volt appliances on today's modern RV. Battery storage technology allows multiple applications of electricity with six to eight hours of dependable power. Solar panel kits for RV service are made of durable light weight Mylar protected panels that are hail and rain resistant to help provide longevity and dependable service. The larger the surface area the more solar kits can be used to collect sunlight. The only limiting factor is storage capacity. A good set of solar panels of decent size usually provide more electricity than gets used, especially if the system is supplemental to the vehicle's system. No matter what size and category of RV you own, solar panel kits for RV use makes this a green money saving investment. As time goes on, more and more applications for solar power will bring more advances for the RV owner.


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