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May 21, 2020
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Tips for Choosing an International Moving Company

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Moving internationally can be a fun adventure as well as intimidating. The most important issue is the secure handling of your personal belongings. When moving abroad one can find a safe and reliable moving company with just some careful planning.

First, use a company that is in your local area. Getting to know the company and getting recommendations are easier if the company is in the general area. There are many different categories of moving companies to choose from.

If you move overseas you will probably require a long-distance move. However, if you are moving internationally you may be able to use a local company. Decide what your needs are before moving ahead.

Flipping through the yellow pages can take a long time but is a usable option. Another option is going online and using a search engine to generate a list of companies for you to compare. Post questions and ask for recommendations on forums dealing with the subject and get first hand testimonies.

Each company offers different services for different needs so you should make sure you know what you need before you look for a company. Start by interviewing three to four companies to compare prices and options. Be sure to look at the licenses and insurance policies for each company to ensure they are legitimate.

Ask them how long they have been in business and how much experience their employees have. Disputes can be easily resolved if the company is part of a trade organization so be sure to ask.

Determine if the estimate is binding or not and discuss gratuities with the company before the contract is signed. You should not have to wonder if you will have to pay more at the end of your trip. There is nothing wrong with thinking offers over so if you are unsure do not sign anything until you are comfortable with the contract and estimates.

Take a detailed inventory list of your belongings and check it when you arrive at your new house. Do not leave your house before all the furniture, boxes, and movers have left your home. This gives added peace of mind knowing you saw everything loaded into the truck.

Let the company handle the packing of your belongings. These people have experience in moving abroad so they know how to pack items. Take some time to get to know the people working with the company. Building a relationship and trust will make you both feel at ease. Getting in contact with the Better Business Bureau will let you know if the company has had any complaints and what they were.

Get your own international moving insurance to cover all your valuables. When calculating the value of each item be sure to include the expense of moving it. Take the pro-rated cost of moving the item, a computer or TV, as well as the purchase value of the item.

Among your possessions you may have a vehicle to move as well. While your moving company is capable of providing this service many have found this method to be more complicated. The best route to take in this situation is to use a different moving company that specializes in shipping vehicles overseas.

Some moves abroad are temporary and can end up being more cost effective to put your things in storage. There are many moving storage facilities that even offer the service of picking up your packed boxes and delivering them.

Appliances are a tricky issue and really depend on where you are moving. Many foreign countries have different electrical outlets and voltage that require the purchase of an adapter. Research what you need to move appliances. It may be more cost effective to sell your old appliances and buy new ones when you reach your new country.


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