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April 28, 2020
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Theres a Reason They Call it The Great Outdoors

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(NewsUSA) The world has changed -; Wii has replaced Wheeeee! Tweeting is no longer for the birds, and Blackberries arent for picking on a warm summer afternoon. Kids today spend twice as much time indoors than their counterparts two decades ago.But technology can be a great ally for families who want to spend more time in nature.NatureFind, National Wildlife Federations (NWF) recently redesigned and re-launched online search tool, helps modern kids discover old-fashioned outdoor fun. NatureFind ( is a part of NWFs Be Out There campaign, a mom-led movement to raise happier, healthier children with a lifelong appreciation for nature.NatureFind users can search by city, state or zip code to access outdoor adventures nationwide, including nature activities and events, trails, aviaries, wildlife preserves, regional parks, zoos and campsites. With NatureFind, families get detailed information that will help them explore nature up to 500 miles away or right around the corner.The next puddle-jumping excursion or fishing trip with grandpa is just a few clicks away. NatureFind makes spending time outside easy for families, says Rebecca Garland, Executive Director of NWFs Be Out There campaign. It puts the benefits of the great outdoors as close as your fingertips.The benefits of green time to childrens minds and bodies can be seen immediately by the experts -; their moms. When we go outside, my kids become their best selves. Gone are the petty arguments about whose turn it is to go first or what to do next.Suddenly the kids are creative, digging in the dirt, picking up worms, jumping and laughing, says Be Out There mom Renee Limon, co-founder of and Portland mother of two girls, ages 5 and 7.Each of the more than 9,200 locations and 30,000 events in the NatureFind database is accurately confirmed by a member of the NatureFind staff.Hundreds of new locations and events are added daily.To get started on your next family outdoor adventure, go to


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