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April 7, 2020
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The West Texas Guide Pocket Knife Etiquette for Men

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Growing up as a kid in West Texas is something that I am very proud of. In the mind of a West Texan, there are many things that make him what he is. One of the passages to manhood was the granting of a first pocket knife.

I can remember each of the pocket knives carried by the men in my family. I remember my granddad taking out his knife to remove a bee stinger from his finger. I remember my dad using his knife to carve a toy out of a piece of wood for me.

Not everybody that reads this article is a West Texan, but there is nothing wrong with having one of the qualifying traits. Choosing the right pocket knife is a step that must be undertaken should you choose to begin the path to West Texas-hood.

I find that the Benchmade Griptilian knife to demonstrate a Texas quality in men that carry them. The task will be to choose the one that suits your style and your likes.

The Griptilian can be found in a slew of different designs. The handle is as important to establishing your West Texas-hood as the blade is. You will need to be selective about the handle you choose to fit your preference.

The Zytel handle is your all-around versatile handle. This is a very tough and unbreakable thermoplastic material. The material has a slight surface texture which is a plus as it provides a better grip.

The Noryl GTX handle is a strong plastic made with a thirty percent glass fill mix and stands out as being very lightweight. Do not mistake a lightweight knife for weakness. You will find a bunch of skinny and knobby kneed West Texans out there that are meaner than rattle snakes.

Let us continue our quest for filling one of the traits of the West-Texas gentlemen. The blade type you choose will reflect the a bit more about your lifestyle and how folks will view your West-Texashood.

The plain edged blade means many things to the West Texas. The plain edge means that you are practiced in life. You have a certain propriety about you suggesting good manners and a calm demeanor. This does not mean that you are fragile in any way. It simply means that you know when to listen and you know when it is time to respond.

The serrated edge blade on your Benchmade Griptilian portrays a rough and willful Texan. You don't give in to just any suggestion or opinion. You have your own ideas and don't mind letting folks know about them. The serration on this blade demonstrates your willingness to tackle hard work when presented. You have no problem with getting your hands dirty to get he job done.

Now, a combination blade also known as the combo edge can mean many things and often times sends a mixed signal. Some folks don't know what to think when they see the rugged serration matched with the plain bladed second half of the knife.

This blade will relay to folks that you have a more refined side to you. But the serration will send the signal that you have no qualms about stripping off that sports jacket to dig into a nasty job. You are not any man's fool. You know both sides of the coin. You can brainstorm your way through the toughest of obstacles. But, when all that brainstorming comes to a halt, you will surely dive right in with spurs a'spinnin.

Your hunt for that perfect Benchmade Griptilian is only a very small portion of your path to West Texashood. You must learn to carry and present this knife in a manner that suggests there is more about the man than meets the eyes.

The West Texan is a humble and polite type of fella. You will not see him bullying folks about or strolling by without a friendly "howdy". You will never see a solid West Texan flashing his pocket knife about like he wants the world to know he carries one.

The pocket clip on the Benchmade Griptilian can be very handy for the user. However, don't mistake this clip as a tool to show off that knife of yours. The clip is a tool used only for work. The reason it is there is to enable you to get to this knife quickly. There is nothing that puts a West-Texan off more than to see a fella with his knife clipped into his pocket while grocery shopping or sitting in a pew at the church house.

Now, when it comes to good old fashion hard work and labor, use that clip. That is what it's for. If a coworker notices your knife clipped in your pocket and makes a reference to it, well just grin in a friendly manner, remove your Griptilian and let him have a look.

When using your knife, be discreet about it in public. Nobody likes a show-off. Keep the blade mostly concealed when trimming the nails or opening an envelope. Don't go waiving the knife about. This just is not appealing and you won't score points down here in the Lone Star State.

Well, I hope that I've helped you out on the pocket knife issue. You may not be striving to be a West Texan, but we can sure give you some advice on the etiquette of pocket knife carry.


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